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President and Chief Executive Officer

A Message from Our Founder: Eleanor Thornton

Visionary’s Commitment to Racial Equality

Today, many are acknowledging the long history of mistreatment, abuse, discrimination, and bigotry experienced by communities of color across the Nation. Outcries from African American communities have persisted for years yet have fallen on deaf ears. Though we may not have felt the physical suffocation, fear and heartbreak experienced by George Floyd and countless others, many have experienced the gut-wrenching emotions that come with inhumane treatment and the violation of one’s civil rights. No this is not the 1960’s, this is 2020. Therefore, no more. No more silence, no more devaluing of lives, and no more not holding individuals accountable when these acts are committed. Communities across the U.S. are now uniting, actively taking a stance, and demanding long-term, systemic change. 

Visionary Consulting Partners has a firm commitment to equality. We have always stood against racial injustice and bigotry in all forms -- and we always will, both corporately and individually as employees under the Visionary banner. Equality is one of the foundational tenants of our company, and we believe that everyone deserves the right to unbiased treatment.  

Our company continues to stand with all those who support equality and will do our part to make sure that injustice in all forms is eliminated once and for all. Visionary will continue to engage in projects and initiatives designed to ensure equity among all races, especially supporting vulnerable and underserved populations. Additionally, we will continue to hire without bias and encourage diversity throughout our company.

Finally, Visionary challenges other business owners and leaders to become change agents within their companies and communities. This moment in history is indeed a call to action, requiring bold efforts and hard work to move the needle towards justice for all. 

IOT&A Excellence in Veterans' Health Care

Visionary understands the significance of the precise execution of all activities under Initial Outfitting, Transition, and Activation (IOT&A) services to the overall success of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) capital projects to improve medical services provided to our Nation’s Veterans. We bring a synergy of knowledge and corporate experience to support VA Medical Center (VAMC) Pre-Activation and IOT&A services in achieving results focused on the delivery of state-of-the-art healthcare services tailored to the unique needs of Veterans and their families. Services provided by Visionary have included Pre-activation, Design, Equipment Planning, Acquisition, Activation, Supply Chain Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Simulation, and Enterprise Program and Project Management.

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Department of Veterans Affairs awards Team Visionary $25M IDIQ for Human Factors Services

Visionary Consulting Partners, LLC (Visionary) together with our trusted partner, Spectrum Software Technology, Inc. (SST), is proud to have been recently awarded a 5-year, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) award and task order for Veterans Health Administration Human Factors Services. The scope of this procurement is to obtain human factors engineering (HFE) support services for the VA Office of Health Informatics. Team Visionary will provide staffing, training, project management, and subject matter expertise to conduct studies in accordance with HFE and VA requirements.

As one of three companies selected out of a wide pool of competitors, this momentous win will allow Team Visionary to continue our commitment to our Nations’ Veterans and their families. LEARN MORE

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