November 2, 2021

Visionary Consulting Partners, LLC was awarded a follow-on contract to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).  Visionary has provided support to USAID since 2014 and to the Office of Development Credit within the Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and the Environment (E3/DC) since 2015. E3/DC oversees the Agency’s credit programs, including the legacy programs and the Development Credit Authority (DCA), which uses partial credit guarantees to mobilize private financing in developing countries. The DCA guarantee agreements with financial institutions encourage risk-sharing partners to extend financing to under-served borrowers in new sectors and/or regions. 

Since 1999, the DCA has supported more than 574 risk-sharing guarantees and has made available more than $5.8 billion in private financing to more than 271,791 entrepreneurs around the world.  E3/DC has used Visionary consultants to perform a variety of professional services related to USAID’s credit programs such as financial statement analysis, risk assessment, DCA project design and evaluation.  Visionary has fielded 24 personnel since the start of the contract in 2015.

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