November 11, 2022

Veterans Day is extremely important to Visionary because as a company comprised primarily of Veterans, we have an intimate awareness of the sacrifices this noble endeavor demands not just from the Veterans themselves, but also their families. It is a wonderful feeling to honor our Sisters and Brethren with meaningful employment, career growth, competitive compensation, a sense of mission that we are accustomed to, and the camaraderie/teamwork that is the fabric of military service and Veteran status. There is no greater gift that can be given beyond the gift of self, and we feel that being a part of a great service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB), that hires, retains and serves our fellow Veterans for business and as a voluntary community service, is the least we can do.

With the United States being the greatest country in the world, it can become easy to take the freedoms and sacrifices made by Veterans to keep our Nation safe and strong for granted. Veteran’s Day is an important reminder to all how we achieved and continue to maintain the freedoms and joys of being an American. It provides the opportunity for pause in our day-to day lives and time hopefully for all citizens to reflect and remember those who gave their all, and those of us Veterans remaining — still willing to give their all for the Nation that we believe in and that has provided so much for so many.

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