Visionary Prepares for SBA Graduation
Visionary Prepares for SBA (Small Business Administration) Graduation

 Visionary Consulting Partners, LLC (Visionary) was proud to welcome Ms. Brittany Gable, Business Opportunity Specialist, from the Washington Metropolitan area SBA (Small Business Administration) District Office for an onsite visit to assess our Strategic Growth and Action Plan (SGAP) & also our smart objectives as part of our ongoing participation in the SBA Small Business Development Program. While reviewing our plan, Ms. Gable queried us on specific items of our plan from the operational and implementation perspective, and also provided insights for going forward to completion of our participation in the program and how to achieve greater sustainability in light of our upcoming graduation from the SBA program scheduled for September, 2019. 

We’d like to thank the SBA and Ms. Gable for their ongoing assistance and support in the continued operations of Visionary Consulting Partners. 


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