Visionary Leads Facilitation Exercise for City of New Orleans Community Health Assessment Conference

On November 19, 2019, the City of New Orleans Health Department (NOHD) reported the results of its Community Health Assessment in efforts to reveal gaps and areas for improvement in the city’s health. In conjunction with the New Orleans Business Alliance, NOHD held a 1-day conference to report assessment results and develop a plan to address the city’s health concerns. Nearly 80 professionals from various organizations were in attendance. Visionary Consulting Partners, LLC (Visionary) supported this effort by developing advanced case studies focused on current issues affecting New Orleans’ residents. Visionary’s Director of Programs and Operations-New Orleans & Gulf Coast, Dr. Claire Hayes- Watson, in partnership with Dr. Amy Thierry (Xavier University of Louisiana) facilitated a discussion pinpointing missed opportunities in access to care, the patient experience, and quality of care. Participants were encouraged to identify structural/institutional policies and practices that influence health outcomes. Additionally, stakeholders were asked to determine how they could work within their organizations to support improved community and population health outcomes. Through this exercise, community resources were highlighted, potential avenues of improvement were discovered, and future action steps addressing the City’s leading health indicators were established.

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