Visionary Celebrates Employee Achievement

Visionary Consulting Partners, LLC (Visionary) is pleased to congratulate Marion Drummond on the completion of her Associates Degree in Education at the University of the District of Columbia. Ms. Drummond currently works at the United States Attorney’s Office District of Columbia (USAO-DC) in support of our work providing Child Waiting Room Services for the United States Department of Justice (DOJ). Her significant achievement enables her to continue to assist, support, and care for children and families who visit the USAO-DC. Ms. Drummond has plans for continued academic pursuits, specializing in Education. 

Visionary appreciates Ms. Drummond’s commitment to excellence. We recognize that her contributions go beyond the requirements our DOJ award and the Victims’ Right and Restitution Act (VRRA). Our company is pleased to support her professional endeavors and remain grateful for her ongoing commitment to improve the lives of crime victims and their families. 

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