Visionary attends the Veteran's International Small Business Opportunities Conference

In conjunction with celebrating Veteran's Day, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Virginia Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) hosted the Veteran's International Small Business Opportunities Conference (VISBOC).   The conference was designed and provided to bring Veteran Entrepreneurs together with leadership of the USAID, Virginia PTAP, Federal Agencies, in the spirit of information sharing, networking and business development in support of the missions of agencies supported by Veteran businesses worldwide.  

Visionary was delighted to support the VISBOC not only as a conference sponsor, but, our President and Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Eleanor Thornton, was selected by the USAID as a panelist to present to conference attendees on key issues such as marketing to federal agencies, marketing to the USAID, management of business and contract challenges, optimization of training opportunities for business success and the criticality of networking and partnering for business sustainment.  

Ms. Thornton presented the story of Visionary Consulting Partners, LLC, from the perspective of her journey leading to the inception of the company and salient points of business knowledge and lessons-learned over the eight years of operation for the company.  The presentation is readily available for sharing/discussion and our company thanks the USAID and Virginia PTAP for  hosting the conference and providing the opportunity for Veteran Entrepreneurs to assemble, network, learn and grow their businesses with the help and guidance of federal leaders and industry experts throughout the Nation.

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