Eleanor Thornton: An Indomitable Will to Succeed – Driven by Compassion

The Mason Enterprise Center (MEC) – Fairfax was keen to mark Women’s History Month – March 2022, by profiling prominent women achievers from the Northern Virginia area.

Women of rare mettle, who shattered the proverbial ‘glass ceiling’, to emerge as not just role models, but beacons of hope for their communities.

Eleanor Thornton, Founding Principal, President, and CEO of Visionary Consulting Partners (Visionary), LLC. – one of the pre-eminent healthcare consultancy firms in the area, was one of their automatic and inevitable picks.

Founded in 2008, Visionary is committed to the equitable delivery of quality healthcare services that tangibly improve the lives of traditionally underserved populations - women, children, and veterans. Towards this end, Visionary offers Federal Government and private sector healthcare systems, healthcare providers, community-based organizations and public health agencies consultative services across almost the entire healthcare delivery continuum.

In this video published by the MEC - Fairfax to mark Women’s History Month, Ms. Thornton’s takes us through the challenging circumstances she endured in her early years, as the chronically asthmatic one of seven siblings raised by a single mother – struggling to make ends meet.

And, importantly, how these very adversities not only imbued in her, a deep sense of empathy and compassion towards those suffering and in need, but also forged within her, the steely resolve to do something substantial and meaningful towards their upliftment. Since its inception 14 years ago, Visionary enjoys widespread reach and favorable healthcare impacts in underserved communities across the nation.

Ms. Thornton and Team Visionary welcome the opportunity to serve and support the healthcare needs of your organization.

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