Health information technology can provide the power to assure continuity of care for patients, the power to combat errors and inefficiencies in health care processes, and the ability to enhance patient safety. Health information technology also provides the means to transform health care business practices.

Visionary specializes in bringing technology solutions to the health care workplace. Our goal is to assess the needs of our clients and match the best and most appropriate health information technologies necessary to resolve their health care challenges and facilitate their business practices. We research, design, test, and implement innovative and best of breed products tailored to meet our client's needs. 

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  • Assessment of client information management and technology needs 
  • Electronic health record technologies to solve patient data management and storage requirements
  • Design and implementation of web portals for outreach and eHealth collaboration  
  • Personal health record technology to allow patients to take more responsibility for their health care needs 
  • Healthvaults to provide a secure place to store, manage, and distribute personal health information 
  • Interactive online questionnaires and surveys which capture and document provider based as well as patient self-reported health data
  • Evidence-based decision support technology for physicians and health care support personnel
  • Lifestyle management software for tracking exercise, fitness, weight, and dietary requirements
  • Software solutions to support health care business practice needs




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