As a collaborating consultant to GWU, Visionary Consulting Partners, LLC was retained to provide advice and assistance for a larger national effort the university was involved in to evaluate the training needs of the Community Healthcare for Asthma Management and Prevention of Symptoms (CHAMPS) Rincon (Puerto Rico) and El Rio (Arizona) health center grantee’s asthma counselors.

Visionary consultants provided on-site support; developing and implementing a mini-curriculum, combining didactic and practice-based experiences, to address identified needs for each health center grantee, as well as provided standardized training on basic asthma knowledge, counseling skills, communication and other important roles and responsibility of the asthma counselors as part of the clinic-based health care team.  Visionary deployed a certified asthma educator to both sites to assess pre-post- training of improved knowledge and skills and assisted in developing a strategy to ensure the quality of asthma counseling throughout the project period, including completing follow-up site visits at regularly scheduled three month intervals.  

Visionary also helped to develop webinars to provide training on the proper use of research protocols, questionnaires and tools, and dissemination of specific guidance on how routine data collection and management tasks that fall on the asthma counselors can be used for health care and practice planning.  From our qualified success at the CHAMPS Rincon, Puerto Rico site, Visionary was also able to sponsor and train an asthma counselor from the Costa Salud Health Center in Puerto Rico.  Our team supplied critical training, assessment and certification for this sites lone asthma counselor, allowing for greater dissemination and impact for healthcare recipients in the region, and compliance with applicable treatment protocols and guidelines.  

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