For the Centers for Disease Control, Division of Environmental Hazards and Health Effects (DEHHE), Air Pollution and Respiratory Health Branch (APRHB), Visionary Consulting Partners, LLC received award of an IDIQ under the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Development program to provide services and support to program activities conducted by the Office of the Director and Branches of the Division of Environmental Hazards and Health Effects (DEHHE).

Pursuant to the CDC’s ongoing efforts to address and control the proliferation of asthma and respiratory illness in the United States, including supplying critical funding to states through the organization’s National Asthma Program, the DEHHE identified two critical initiatives to address the disproportionate prevalence of asthma in minority communities.  For both efforts, Visionary was selected to provide program and project management services, research and technical expertise related to epidemiology, science, studies, surveillance, including strategic development of a Study on the Impact of (CA) State Port Regulations on Air Pollution and Respiratory Health in Oakland, CA, and Evaluation of State-level Asthma Intervention programs and resources.  

With the CA Port Study, we were able to demonstrate our unique technical expertise by providing a scientist/ biostatistician to re-baseline projected average daily pollutant concentrations and more effectively analyze the relevance of our findings against the previous Study.  Our professional contributions ultimately allowed the CDC to draw more informed conclusions about the current health risks posed by black carbon emissions (exposures) relative to the emergency department visits and hospitalizations among those with asthma and respiratory symptoms (outcomes).  

Similarly, for the Air Pollution and Respiratory Health Branch (APRHB), Visionary helped APRHB’s public health professional and state support teams evaluate existing state asthma programs charged with implementing interventions to reduce the burden of asthma on local communities. Visionary researched and assessed existing interventions, and provided state evaluation plans that identified common elements of home-based interventions, and developed a multifunctional toolkit that promoted shared learning, was easily implemented across numerous program sites, and allowed for increased identification and dissemination of national best practices in asthma intervention. 

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