Acquisition and Planning

Step 3: Federal customers email their respective Contracting Center (CC) staff

Be prepared to use market research to provide details on your work requirements as a "starter set" for the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR)/contract staff to begin Performance Work Statement (PWS) initiation and compile the Request for Proposal (RFP) documentation.

Step 4: Contracting Center staff prepare the PWS and Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE)

The COR/contract staff will work with the Federal customer to develop a legally sufficient PWS containing scope, background, applicable documents, tasks and objectives. The Contracting Center staff will work with you to draft the required IGCE as an estimate of Level of Effort for contractor performance. The IGCE and PWS will be adjusted as necessary to meet your needs and available funding or those of your client/customer.

Step 5: Federal customer provides funding to their Contracting Center

Funding is provided to cover the estimated cost of contractor performance and all associated administrative fees.

Step 6: Contracting Center releases procurement Task Order Request for Proposal (TORFP) documents

The Contracting Center staff will prepare and release the solicitation and any related procurement documents to obtain quotes from contractors.

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