Visionary Consulting Partners Participates in 2023 JAMIS Summit

Joining the conversation on cloud innovation and government contracting solutions

May 19, 2023

Visionary recently attended the highly anticipated 2023 JAMIS Summit. The annual conference, hosted by the renowned JAMIS Software Corporation, brought together industry leaders and professionals in the government contracting and project-focused organizations domain.

JAMIS Software Corporation is recognized for its cutting-edge Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution tailored specifically for government contractors. As the only U.S.-based private ERP solution provider solely dedicated to the government contracting sector, JAMIS offers a fully integrated, user-friendly, and modern platform that empowers organizations to compete, control costs, and expand their business operations.

The JAMIS Prime ERP solution has become the go-to choice for tech-savvy IT services, cybersecurity, engineering, and other professional services contractors. With its unrivaled flexibility and security features, JAMIS Prime ERP enables these contractors to serve their federal customers with confidence and reliability.

The JAMIS Summit served as a dynamic platform for customers, partners, and industry experts to come together, exchange ideas, and collaborate on innovative solutions. The event fostered an engaging environment where attendees delved into the latest trends in cloud innovation and explored strategies tailored to their unique roles and business needs.

Visionary actively participated in the JAMIS Summit, contributing insights, and gaining valuable knowledge about industry best practices. By attending this premier gathering, Visionary Consulting Partners reaffirmed its commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements and delivering exceptional services to its government contracting clients.

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