November 2, 2021

Eleanor Thornton receives the Humanitarian and Outstanding Asthma Community Service Award recognition by the Association of Asthma Educators

Eleanor (Ellie) Thornton is awarded the 2017 Humanitarian and Outstanding Asthma Community Service Award by the Association of Asthma Educators (AAE).  The award honors an AAE member with a longstanding commitment to asthma-related services and programming in communities whose needs are not being met by the traditional healthcare delivery system. 

Over the years, Ellie has led and supported asthma-related programming and services for children and adults. This included developing asthma counseling programs throughout the nation and leading community-based, clinical, research, and training initiatives with the goal of reducing asthma disparities and building capacity for vulnerable patient populations. 

For more than three decades, Ellie has been devoted to promoting optimal health and transforming lives through community service, outreach, engagement, and chronic disease management. Her work continues to improve the health status of communities throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. 

Ellie proudly accepts the Award in celebration of all educators, clinicians, researchers, and lay health workers that she has had the pleasure of serving with throughout her career.  Ellie remains dedicated to continuing her efforts and looks forward to participating in future collaborations and initiatives to improve asthma outcomes and advance the mission of the AAE.

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